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Infertile, Trying to Conceive, and Forty-One Years Old – Ain't THAT a Bummer!?!

Nope. No baby. March 10, 2008

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Not this past cycle, anyways.  So, I beg, borrow, steal, comparative shop, and manage to order the Gonal-F for about $600 less at a different locale, thank God.  I ordered it this past Friday, and it was shipped that night, scheduled to arrive at my house by noon the next day.  I was told that if it didn’t arrive by then, to give them a call. 

Uh huh.  You guessed it.  No meds by noon.  I called the company, who traced the FedEx package, and it’s been delayed by weather.  The crappy thing is that I have to start injecting the Gonal-f on Sunday, so something has to happen to get some of this pricey stuff to me in time for this to happen as scheduled.  The company I used was really cool about it.  The customer care rep called a (relatively) local pharmacy and paid for me to come and pick up the smaller package of the stuff there. 

The reason I say that it’s relatively local is that it is in the same city.  Only a mere 23 miles away.  Heh.  So, I pile into the SUV and head to the fancier part of town, where the people walking down the street don’t look like gangstas.  They even know where their waists are, and somehow manage to keep their pants pulled up to that locale, in spite of the tremendous pull of gravity experienced on pants on the east side of town, where I live. 

Nice pharmacy, too.  A real Mom & Pop kind of place, “where everybody knows your name”, so to speak.  It’s funny, though.  When I get there, the lead pharmacist asks me where I live, and I tell him.  He replies, “Oh, we were wondering – we didn’t recognize the ZIP code.”  Somehow, in this idyllic setting, that doesn’t surprise me.  I can’t imagine anyone from this neck of the woods being unfortunate enough to have to darken my side of town, where we don’t have Ben & Jerry’s stores, or epicurean markets, or storefronts that offer “Massage”, and actually mean it instead of something seedier. 

Don’t get me wrong…the particular neighborhood where I live isn’t all bad, but there are some places not far from there that are pretty yucky.  F and I moved there with the intent on moving elsewhere after three years, and now, I don’t think we will.  We’ll (hopefully) remodel this one, and keep it for the time being.  It’s in a quiet neighborhood, on a quiet street.  I honestly don’t know if we could find another location – as safe as this one is – as close to where I teach. 

In addition, there’s not a bookstore within ten miles.  Pitiful, actually.  We’re like the red-headed stepchildren of the city, here on the east side of town.  We have fast food places to eat, and a few decent sit-down restaurants, but hardly the fare that’s available uptown.  This city has some really spectacular restaurants, clubs, and museums on the west side of town.  On this side of town, we have refineries, and chemical-ridden air.  What a deal, huh?

F was home all weekend, with back spasms.  (I tell you, he’s falling apart, folks.  Sheesh.)  We went to the Urgent Care Center on Friday afternoon, and the doctor there prescribed him some Flexeril, and some Vicodin for the pain.  Sadly though, F wasn’t enjoying a nice buzz of any kind.  He’s still hurting.  I really wish his back would behave itself, and stop seizing, already.  If not, he’ll have to go to his regular doctor, who will take Xrays and tell us what we already know – he’s suffering from back spasms.  He called in sick again today.  That makes three days now without money coming in.  I realize how very petty and small that sounds, but we’re living on a razor’s edge between being able to pay our bills each month, and financial disaster.  There’s not a whole hell of a lot of leeway. 

Ah well.  Enough of that, eh?  I’ve got to stop being such a gripey ol’ heifer. 

~~Change of Subject~~

Have I mentioned that I’m giving up caffeine this cycle?  I’ve decided that I’m bigger than my urges for caffeine, so I’m going to give it up, all in the interest of becoming pregnant.  It can’t hurt my chances of fertilization, only help.  Now, I may wind up with the King Kamehameha of all headaches, but that too shall pass.  Most headaches are fleeting, after all.

I’m a bit concerned about taking this Gonal-F, mostly because its side effects include difficulty breathing.  I don’t need that.  Fat asthmatics like myself don’t do well with the whole ‘difficulty breathing’ thing.  Let’s hope that stays away.