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Infertile, Trying to Conceive, and Forty-One Years Old – Ain't THAT a Bummer!?!

Baby one more time? October 26, 2008

If I keep having to go to my RE every other day, I may have to take up residence there. 

My period started on Oct. 15th, a Wednesday.  My RE wanted me to come in for a baseline scan on Friday, Oct. 17th, and to start my Gonal-F injections again at 300iu.  I started the meds, and was told to make appointments for the following Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Lovely.  On Monday’s appointment, they did the u/s scan, didn’t see much happening in la ovaries, so I was sent for a blood draw to get my estrogen levels checked, and to expect a call that afternoon, letting me know if/how I should adjust my dosage.  Monday afternoon, I was told to up my dose to 375iu, and to keep taking it that way until my next appointment, Wednesday.  At Wednesday’s scan, again not much going on in the ovary pics.  So…another trip downstairs to the lab to get my estrogen levels checked.  That afternoon, I was given the news that yes, there was a slight increase, but not really enough of one to write home about.  Therefore, my RE wanted me to up my dose yet again, to 450iu.  Please don’t forget – this shit’s beyond expensive.  I’m now injecting nearly $360.00 into myself each night.  For those of you unaware of a teacher’s salary, that’s right at 10% of my monthly salary.  Each. night.  

I went to the RE again today, for a repeat performance of the scan.  At least this time, my nurse saw a follicle, fer cripes’ sake.  It was only 13mm, so we’re hoping like hell that some other follicles will catch up before we (who am I kidding??) I inject the trigger shot of Ovidrel.  After one more trip to the lab for an estrogen level, my level is rising as a decent amount (~129, I think she said), so (thankfully) I get to stay on the 450 iu, and not increase it at this time.  I’m to go back to get another u/s on Monday, and my nurse believes that we’ll do the IUI on Wednesday, October 29th.


5 Responses to “Baby one more time?”

  1. geohde Says:


    That’s some expensive stuff, right there. I am sorry. SOmetimes it beggars belief that it would be cheaper to have a street drug habit than be trying to make a baby…..

    Good luck with the ovary-action, my dear.


  2. mrs spock Says:

    The thought of spending that much every day makes me want to puke. It’s almost like having an expensive cocaine habit, eh?

    I hope some more follies plump up in the meantime. An IUI around Halloween? For an earthy witch like me, that sounds pretty lucky.

  3. topcat Says:

    Vamplita!!!!!!! Oh my, how exciting. I am SO gobsmacked by the cost of IVF in America, it’s just crazy.

    I truly hope that other follies now fall into line and follow suit, my lovely. And grow plum and juicy and ripe for the pickin’.


  4. vamplita Says:

    Y’know, it’s funny y’all mentioned the fact that the cost of the fertility meds are cheaper than having a drug habit… my arms remind me of a junkie’s arms, with all the lovely bruises from the recent onslaught of blood work I’ve had as of late. :oÞ

  5. kimbosue Says:

    UGH! IF drugs suck the money right out of ya! Good luck girl. I’m praying for you!

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