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All’s well April 16, 2008

We got to see our tiny Lollipop yesterday, and I’m pleased to announce that (s)he was at least in the right location.  Dr. S said that there was a definite gestational sac, a yolk sac, and a fetal pole that she saw.  She said she wasn’t prepared to say officially that she saw a heartbeat, but that if she “closed one eye, looked really hard, and imagined just as hard”, she might see a faint heartbeat.  She said that (s)he measured at 5w5d, which was a bit small for what we had determined as 6w0d, but she said it didn’t really surprise or concern her.

I asked her for some OB recommendations, and she was more than happy to provide a few.  I’ve always told myself that if I ever got pregnant, I was going to have my baby at Woman’s Hospital of Texas.  I really like the fact that they have a neonatologist on staff 24-7, along with an OB, and an anesthesiologist.  Not only are they available 24 hours a day, these are doctors who have been in their profession for many years… in other words, they aren’t a sea of residents, who may or may not be as familiar with a situation such as mine.  Their NICU is top-notch, if (God forbid!!) something were to happen for the baby to require that type of accommodation. 

My husband wasn’t as eager for me to go there to have the baby.  The hospital’s about 25 minutes away, and (bless him) he’s concerned that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the hospital in time if I were to go into labor while he was at work, and potentially hundreds of miles away.  I had the doctor explain to him about why this hospital is so good, and that most first pregnancy labors were far from quick, so I’d have plenty of time to get there if I had to get there on my own.  Yay, Dr. S!! 

I asked her if she would consider my pregnancy to be high-risk for any reason.  She said that no, she didn’t think there was a reason for me to be high-risk at this time.  I have very few restrictions – no rollerskating, no horseback riding, and no climbing stuff, which totally screws up my plans for this next weekend!!  I had plans to climb onto a rollerskating horse and possibly a bit of skydiving.  Oh well.  At least there’s still skydiving.   


7 Responses to “All’s well”

  1. kimbosue Says:

    When we get pregnant, I am having my baby at Women’s Hospital also! Both my Ob/Gyn and my RE have privileges there. Best Wishes!

  2. Mel Says:

    Congrats on such good news!

  3. Waiting Says:

    So happy to see all of the GREAT news! No rollerskating for you, missy. Have fun preparing to be a mommy! 🙂

  4. carole Says:

    hip hip hooray!

    as for being a pollyanna, GO FOR IT! all you can do that is of any good is love your baby. so shower that lollipop with everything you’ve got.


  5. geohde Says:

    Lovely news 🙂

    Congrats on the little one being in the right spot and the right size. You’ll be amazed at both how slowly and how quickly things go from here, if that makes sense.


  6. Rebecca Says:

    Everything sounds great – except for not being able to do what you want next weekend! So great to hear the good news!

  7. Kim Says:

    Wonderful news about everything in there being in the right place!

    Too bad about the rollerskating horse ride! 😉

    We have an hour ride to our hospital but my doc is soooo worth it!

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